ROO NEWS – December 2012

Hi folks!

There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes on the ‘roo front, so here’s an update:


If you’ve been wondering what the holdup was for this great book, look no further than… me!

The 12-page Killeroo story by Andrew Shaw, THE CAVE has been delayed purely by my not having finished drawing it yet. However I have made considerable progress with it, and have even got a top-class colorist onboard, being David Aravena Riquelme from WINTER CITY (with much thanks to series creator Patrick Purcell). Here’s a sample of his amazing colors!

sample panel from THE CAVE

sample panel from THE CAVE


All the scripts have been completed and writers have been paid, so it’s over to the artists now!

Most of the stories have been thumbnailed by now, with a steady stream of pencils coming through, and a select few are nearing completion of inks and tones! It’s exciting to see fresh new pages come into the inbox, most of which are just about perfect with little changes required. The variety in style is terrific, it’s going to make for a great read with all stories flowing sequentially.

Given the final page count is over 200 pages now, current publishing plans are for TWO 128-page trade paperback format volumes, and possibly a 256-page hardcover as well. Tentatively scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2013. Hoping for Supanova Sydney/Perth in June, but can’t guarantee it at this stage.

A preview ashcan has been released in the last few weeks, showcasing the fantastic cover art of KRANBURN’S Ben Michael Byrne. It’s available in a few shops around the country, and also at the online store while stocks last.

Gangwars Preview ashcan

Gangwars Preview ashcan


This book is now officially out of print, with all 300 copies of the regular edition having all but sold out. It won’t be reprinted until YEAR THREE of the GANGWARS ANTHOLOGY in 2015.

However there are 2 copies of the B&W variant left in stock, and also a selection of sketch covers on sale at the discounted price of $30 a pop. Remember, these are one-of-a-kind artworks, drawn directly onto the cover of the book – so you better get in quick!

Gary Chaloner sketch cover

Gary Chaloner sketch cover

Alex Crowley sketch cover

Alex Crowley sketch cover

Dean Rankine sketch cover

Dean Rankine sketch cover

Click here to view ALL the sketch covers on sale.


The much-anticipated origin story of Killeroo is progressing nicely. No scheduled release date at this time, it will be published when it’s ready. But for now, here’s a preview of some of Ryan Wilton’s terrific artwork:

Sample panel by Ryan Wilton

Sample panel by Ryan Wilton


A new project aimed at younger readers, this A5 full-color book will fill in some of the details of Rufus’ childhood, and the adventures he and his mates get up to. But it’s not an elseworlds tale, these short stories are all canon to the Killeroo mythos, and will feature the art of Dean Rankine, Edward J Grug, Michael Sandford, Matthew Hoddy & Caitlin Major and more!

Here’s a sample page by Michael Sandford:

Young Rufus page by Michael Sandford

Young Rufus page by Michael Sandford

No release date for this one as yet.


There’s some terrific new prints up for sale now at the Redbubble Killeroo page, take a look at them below:

Killeroo print by Simon Sherry

Killeroo print by Simon Sherry

Killeroo print by Ben Michael Byrne

Killeroo print by Ben Michael Byrne

Killeroo print by Xabier Sagasta Lacalle

Killeroo print by Xabier Sagasta Lacalle

For all the latest news, the best place is the Killeroo facebook page, or if you’re on twitter, check us out at

Hooroo for now!


Darren Close


October GANGWARS update

Just a quick update – basically we’ve been bloody busy!

Since announcing the open call for submissions for the GANGWARS anthology project, Ryan Wilton and I have been swamped with a mass of scripts, sample pages and folio reviews – from an amazing array of very creative and talented people across the country (and the world in some cases!).

But we’ve narrowed it down to (currently) 19 different stories (most of which are now fully completed scripts), totalling a massive 208 pages! We’re now in the process of matching these stories up with some fantastic artists, many of whom have already begun sending through thumbnail layouts for review.

We’re also looking into the different printing options for such a massive volume, whether we go with a full trade or hardcover format for the whole thing, or possibly splitting into two trades to be printed at the same time. On the wishlist is an oversized hardcover edition, but we’ll wait to see the numbers before we make a decision on this yet.

Keep an eye on the facebook page and twitter feed for more news and art previews of this ambitious project!

Hooroo for now,

– Darren Close


Hi folks!

Here’s the latest Roo News:

Another review has popped up:

There’s also a few more Sketch Covers that have come through, in particular a couple from Tristan Jones and Paul Abstruse.

Pleased to report that we have a new retailer on board the ‘roo train, being NOT JUST COMICS in Nowra! Pop in there and say hello to Dan when you’re in that neck of the woods.

If you can’t find it on the shelves of your local store, you can still buy GANGWAR online.

This book is now completely sold out, so if you can’t find it on a retailer’s shelf I’m afraid you’ve missed out on the first chapter of Killeroo’s ORIGIN in full colour! Well done to the Canberra-based Beginnings crew for such a fantastic debut effort!

This book is not far away now, I believe it’s currently in transit from the printer in America, so expect to see it popping up all over the place very soon!
You can pre-order a copy, and check out some of Gee’s pages.

The only thing that’s been holding back the Killeroo story from being printed in VELOCITY is the tardiness of it’s artist, and unfortunately I can’t blame anyone else but myself! But there’s been some serious progress of late, with a lot of pencilling and the beginning of inking on several pages, which you can check out here.

Have just received a fantastic new Killeroo commission from Pakistan artist Saad Irfan, check it out!

Killeroo by Saad Irfan

Lastly, the KILLEROO STATUE is just getting its finishing touches, and will be completed this weekend! Shall be popping over to meet the sculptor Julian Briones, can’t wait to see it in person! And you’ll be able to check him out as well, as ALL STAR COMICS in Melbourne have generously offered some space in one of their display cabinets for a few weeks.

And that’s about it for now – Hooroo!

Darren Close.


I’ve had more than a few people ask me when they’re perusing my Killeroo comics and artwork samples, why it is that I haven’t drawn those comics myself?

The answer is fear.

Fear of not having my work stand up to scrutiny.
Fear that I’m not as skilled as other artists.
Fear of the blank page.

It’s taken me a long time to realise that these fears are COMPLETELY NORMAL.

The choice you have when confronted by fear is whether you:

a. Let it stop you in your tracks, OR
b. Forge ahead regardless

It is a FACT that I’m not as skilled as other artists.
Why is this? It’s because when these other artists were first faced with this very same fear, they said “Fuck it. I’m going to draw comics ANYWAY.”

Were these first comics they made any good? Most likely, no they weren’t.
But through the process, they began to learn what worked, and what didn’t. What panels looked good, and told the story well, and what panels didn’t. Their knowledge of anatomy improved.

Rather than being intimidated by what other artists had done, they began to study these works analytically. Observed the choices THEY made in storytelling, their panel layouts, and then adopted those things they admired into their OWN work.

Each panel you draw, every page completed, every finished comic you make – makes you a BETTER artist and storyteller.

But you’ve got to start first.
This is something that’s taken me 15 YEARS to learn. That’s an awful long time to live in fear, a lot of WASTED time.

I’m starting now.
I’ve got help and support from my friends and associates, and I’m not wasting another second.

Don’t make the mistake I made.
Don’t live in fear.