October GANGWARS update

Just a quick update – basically we’ve been bloody busy!

Since announcing the open call for submissions for the GANGWARS anthology project, Ryan Wilton and I have been swamped with a mass of scripts, sample pages and folio reviews – from an amazing array of very creative and talented people across the country (and the world in some cases!).

But we’ve narrowed it down to (currently) 19 different stories (most of which are now fully completed scripts), totalling a massive 208 pages! We’re now in the process of matching these stories up with some fantastic artists, many of whom have already begun sending through thumbnail layouts for review.

We’re also looking into the different printing options for such a massive volume, whether we go with a full trade or hardcover format for the whole thing, or possibly splitting into two trades to be printed at the same time. On the wishlist is an oversized hardcover edition, but we’ll wait to see the numbers before we make a decision on this yet.

Keep an eye on the facebook page and twitter feed for more news and art previews of this ambitious project!

Hooroo for now,

– Darren Close


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