Hi folks!

Here’s the latest Killeroo news (henceforth referred to as ROO NEWS, because I’m very imaginative. And witty.):


This book has proved to be a great seller, and a good relaunch of the character to the local market. It’s been pretty well received too, here’s some of the reviews it’s gotten thus far:

You can still buy a copy off the shelves at selected comic stores, or click here to buy GANGWAR online.


This book is very close to being completely sold out (congrats guys!) and contains the first-ever colour Killeroo pages in print. It takes the form of a 4-page preview from GENESIS, with art by Ryan Wilton and colors by Stewart Cook. If you’d like a copy, your last chance is the upcoming Sydney Supanova.


A new South Australian anthology comic is coming soon from Square Peg Comics, and one of its features is a new ONGOING Killeroo story. This is drawn by GEE HALE, who’s done a truly spectacular job. I’ve seen pages from the other stories, and there’s not one weak link among them. Shall be a classy, quality book from the looks of it. You can pre-order a copy, and check out some of Gee’s pages.


Ryan is in the home-stretch of drawing the pages for this book, and it’s looking like it’s going to be something really special. Given it’s Rufus’ origin story, expect this book to be released only when it’s 100% completed, as it’s something of a labour of love, and the foundation for all future Killeroo stories. At this stage the only solicitation I’m prepared to give on this book is that it shall be released before the year’s end (or never, if the ancient Mayans’ tattslotto numbers are correct!).


Originally slated for Velocity #2, the 12-page THE CAVE story is on track for inclusion in #3, written by Andrew Shaw and drawn by myself (with a layout assist from Ryan Wilton). In the meantime, check out Velocity #2, which includes a sweet teaser pinup by Ryan Wilton!

KILLEROO: GANGWAR 2 (working title)

Due to the success of GANGWAR, a sequel is currently being scripted, with Paul Abstruse slated to return as artist. Likely to be released in the first quarter of 2013, with a bit of luck. I could tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil it yet.

And that’s about it for now – Hooroo!

Darren Close.