ROO NEWS – December 2012

Hi folks! There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes on the ‘roo front, so here’s an update: VELOCITY #3 If you’ve been wondering what the holdup was for this great book, look no further than… me! The 12-page Killeroo story by Andrew Shaw, THE CAVE has been delayed purely by my not having finished … Continue reading

October GANGWARS update

Just a quick update – basically we’ve been bloody busy! Since announcing the open call for submissions for the GANGWARS anthology project, Ryan Wilton and I have been swamped with a mass of scripts, sample pages and folio reviews – from an amazing array of very creative and talented people across the country (and the … Continue reading


Hi folks! Here’s the latest Roo News: KILLEROO: GANGWAR Another review has popped up: Thirteen O’Clock, reviewed by Alan Baxter There’s also a few more Sketch Covers that have come through, in particular a couple from Tristan Jones and Paul Abstruse. WHERE TO BUY KILLEROO: GANGWAR Pleased to report that we have a new retailer … Continue reading


I’ve had more than a few people ask me when they’re perusing my Killeroo comics and artwork samples, why it is that I haven’t drawn those comics myself? The answer is fear. Fear of not having my work stand up to scrutiny. Fear that I’m not as skilled as other artists. Fear of the blank … Continue reading